Keeping Us Safe

• Investing more than $60 million in school safety grants to help make sure children are safe and sound while at school

• Passing bipartisan legislation to address the opioid crisis through addiction treatment, education, limiting opioid prescriptions, by working with law enforcement, and more

• Giving schools the flexibility and control to implement the best safety measures for their needs


Strong Fiscal Dis...

• Stopped broad-based income and sales tax increases that unfairly targeted working families

• Member of the "Common Sense Caucus" that worked to identify hundreds of millions of dollars in budget savings and excess funds sitting in government accounts to avoid tax increases

• Focused state spending on our priorities - education, job creation and public safety - and controlled costs to avoid wasteful spending

• Working for the property tax relief we want by supporting initiatives that help local governments and school districts to reduce costs, passing a new law that gives local homeowners the ability to vote on certain property tax increases, and supporting the Property Tax Independence Act to fully eliminate school property taxes

• Passed historic public pension reform that will save taxpayers billions of dollars while still keeping our promise to current retirees and enrollees


Education That Pr...

• Providing record state funding to education – every budget Joe has supported as our Representative included more state funding for education than the year before, but still keeps in mind the needed balance between taxing and spending

• Focus on fundamental skills in math, reading, science, and technology that children need to succeed while reducing the need to “teach to the test”

• Investing more than $60 million in school safety grants that help school districts implement the best safety measures for their needs

• Successfully fought for a new bipartisan school funding formula to make certain that all school districts are treated fairly and our local schools receive back more of the money we send to Harrisburg

• Utilize technology to enhance student learning and provide greater access to tutoring, AP courses, courses not available at local schools, online learning, SAT prep, etc.

• Support vocational and skills-based education that provides needed skills (at a lower cost) to obtain good-paying jobs that provide for lifelong success


Spark Economic Gr...

• Supporting smart tax reforms that make Pennsylvania competitive in the national marketplace, and help maintain and attract employers and entrepreneurs

• Working to streamline and modernize regulations to make Pennsylvania a fair, predictable, and consistent place to do business

• Passed important reforms to how the state sells beer and wine to increase customer convenience, and working to get the state out of the liquor business to reduce costs for taxpayers

• Supporting lawsuit abuse reforms to end frivolous lawsuits and support initiatives like “loser pays” and business specialty courts

• Promoting the assets of the 137th District to help attract new employers to our community


Working for Our C...

• Started the Safe & Scenic 611 Project to help communities throughout the 137th District

• Securing $851,000 in grant funding for a traffic light at the Route 191-Friedenstahl Avenue intersection

• Helping bring new business locations to our community to attract jobs and employers

• Working with local community groups, charities, business groups, and residents to promote events and initiatives that help our neighborhoods and the needy


Tough Government ...

• Lead by example - just like in the private sector, Joe submits only for actual expenses; he refuses the taxpayer-paid per diems, cell phone, and other perks. He also voluntarily posts his monthly expenses on-line for public review - one of just a handful of legislators to do so.

• Supported historic public pension reform that changes the system for legislators as well as public employees

• Supporting the elimination of WAMs once-and-for-all and replacing them with a transparent grant system based on the merit of public projects

• Pushing to end legislative per diems and require legislators to submit for legitimate expenses by following I.R.S. guidelines

• Supporting the use of technology to increase transparency by making more documents, financial information, legislative information, etc. available online for public review