Education That Prepares Kids for Success

• Providing record state funding to education – every budget Joe has supported as our Representative included more state funding for education than the year before, but still keeps in mind the needed balance between taxing and spending

• Focus on fundamental skills in math, reading, science, and technology that children need to succeed while reducing the need to “teach to the test”

• Investing more than $60 million in school safety grants that help school districts implement the best safety measures for their needs

• Successfully fought for a new bipartisan school funding formula to make certain that all school districts are treated fairly and our local schools receive back more of the money we send to Harrisburg

• Utilize technology to enhance student learning and provide greater access to tutoring, AP courses, courses not available at local schools, online learning, SAT prep, etc.

• Support vocational and skills-based education that provides needed skills (at a lower cost) to obtain good-paying jobs that provide for lifelong success